You Could be Betting Your Life on Your Training!

 Hojutsu returns in June 2022  Mark you calendars June 17-19th

 Jeff Hall (Soke) & Norm Hood (Sensi)

We are a host range , for info and to sign up contact William Martin  at
(937) 673-6272






Introducing our New Dynamic Trauma Care course...

This course will teach you how to deal with trauma injury while awaiting professional help.

Topics will include gunshot wounds, breaks, burns, etc.





How about a program that  could be a lifesaver,  should you ever have to pull the trigger?

The Network’s goal is to prevent miscarriages of justice through—

    • Educating members about the legalities of using deadly force for self-defense and how to interact with the criminal justice system after a shooting.
    • Creating a nationwide network of attorneys and legal experts which the member can draw upon in the event of a self-defense shooting.
    • Granting financial assistance from a separate non-profit foundation to members who are facing unmeritorious prosecution or civil action after a self-defense incident.