You Could be Betting Your Life on Your Training!


 Gunsmoke Firearms  Lisa Murphy  is also a dealer 513-267-1122 

 Jim's Guns 
Jim Smith, has his FFL, & will do special orders, & internet transfers  937-456-2545






Preimer Shooting and Training

Public Range, in New Miami OH




The Official target of MDT is now for sale at Red Dot Arms

 Stoner Holsters 

Middletown, Ohio

They stock many major brands and produce their  own line of custom made and designed holsters.  check out his website!

Jeff is now producing his own line of belt holsters,We use many of the Stoner products for our EDC. The quality was better than some name brand holsters I've seen at higher prices. Great customer service, fantastic quality, just ordered my 6th one!

He also makes an interesting 25% cant holster, for inside the belt, It is called the Black Stealth and a number of other designs.

Also he gives great service & you won't find yourself waiting 6 months to get your holster. His shop is open Monday -Saturday