You Could be Betting Your Life on Your Training!

Why Choose Our Training Center?

We Have 2 NRA Training Counselors, and 2 NRA Advanced Pistol Instructors & have experienced  Certified NRA  Instructors, All are Certified Chief Range Safety Officers, All hold a Distinguished Expert Rating with a Handgun. Our Trainers are ongoing in their education and knowledge, take a look at the Instructor page to see our certifications.

Our ratio on the range is usually one Instructor for every two students.

 We Now Have Gift Certificates!!

 We offer the, Ohio Concealed Handgun course (Based on the NRA Basic Pistol Course)    "Expanded", to meet the requirements of HB12(2923.125 Ohio RC).   


 The NRA Personal Protection courses, and NRA Defensive Pistol are a great way to addition to advance your training.


We are now offering our Enhanced Handgun Courses

 For classes Call 937-787-4414  or cell 513-649-5838 or: 

 To reserve your class. Seating is limited.

Our largest class size is limited to 12, with 2 Instructors- compare to classes with 50 or more students & 1 lone Instructor

For Upcoming Classes See our Calendar Page 

937-787-4414   (cell)513-649-5838 or 


Private Coaching

No time for a class, want one on one instruction?

We off private training through the week and evenings

Private Instruction By appointment: $50 per hour.



 Class dates are subject to change




PO Box 119 West Elkton OH 45070

We will reply as soon as possible, to answer your questions, or reserve a class.
Should the dates listed not fit for you, call & we will see what we can set up for you.

 See Calendar Page

Equipment List Defensive Handgun

    Spare Mags or speed loaders
    Range Gear
    Ear & eye Protection
    PPITH 200 rounds of ammo
    PPOTH 250 round of ammo
    PPOTH Holster & Cover garment
    Defensive Pistol 350 rounds
    Defensive Tactics class 700 rounds


NRA Instructor Courses

Require a $100 Deposit
 Email for equipment needs


We keep the classes small so we can work with each student, so they can learn to properly and safely handle and shoot a firearm.

The Ohio CHL course is not a permit mill, it is a real training class


The Question often comes up "what do I need for the Class?"
We recommend your own firearm, 100 rds of ammunition, hearing protection, & eye protection. If you don't have a handgun, don't buy one for the class! But at the very least you just need to dress for the weather, & Mad Duck can provide you with everything you will need for the range.
For Personal Protection classes you will need your own gun, & ammo (200+) holster, hearing & eye protection, & it is recommended that you bring knee pads.



ALWAYS Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

ALWAYS Keep finger off the trigger till you have made the decision to fire

ALWAYS be sure of your target & beyond

EVERY Gun is a "Loaded" Gun 

We can also train you to become an NRA Instructor!
Classes offered:
* Certified Pistol
* Home Firearm Safety
* Personal Protection (PPITH & PPOTH)
* Certified Rifle/Shotgun* 
* Range Safety Officer
Review the Instructor page,
Call to arrange a class!