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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up for a class?  Check our schedule on our website then you can call 937-787-4414 or email us at (we can email you a map to our location. 

Does taking the Basic Pistol class get me my Concealed Handgun License?   Well if your “Basic” course last 8 hours it will it will meet the minimum requirements of the Ohio RC, but why settle for “Basic” when you can take a class tailored for CCW?

Where are you located? We are in the SE corner of Preble County, about 13 miles north of Hamilton, and 13 miles south of Eaton

Why do your classes cost more than others?  We limit the class size to no more than 12, and no more than 2 students per Instructor on the range, we pay close attention to each individual, giving "Hands On" training.. While some trainers brag about how many they have trained, we focus on the quality of the training. There is an old adage "You get what you pay for"

Where do we shoot? Our  range is at the same location as our classroom, The range is outdoors, but is covered in case of rain.

What should I bring to Basic Pistol (CCW, CHL) class?  If bringing your own firearm bring 100 rounds of ammo, dress for the weather (range-time)

I don't have a gun? If you do not have a gun we can loan you a 22 semi auto (no extra charge) ammo is $10 for 22's

I don't live in Ohio, but I want to carry in Ohio. How do I do that? Ohio now honors all CCW licenses

Are you qualified to teach the class? Our team is headed by 2 NRA Training Counselors, and experienced NRA Certified Instructors, we have 3 certified Chief  Range Safety Officers. See The Team page for our certifications.

How is the Basic Pistol class structured?  The course is 10 hours of classroom, and range, breaks are on the hour, an we break for an hour lunch (Beginning in March class will be approx. 7 hours of classroom, put the rangetime of 1-2 hours)

Do you offer two-day classes for concealed carry?  Seldom, but we do offer private training

Are the Basic Pistol (concealed carry) certificates you issue good anywhere in Ohio? Yes. 

I'd like to bring my wife/husband/child/whatever to Basic Pistol, can I? yes, and no, we do not provide daycare, if a friend, or spouse wishes to attend that is fine. Guests can attend  for free,

Do we get a break or do we sit there for the whole time? We break for meals and every hour.

Will it really take 10 hours for Basic Pistol (Concealed Carry)? Yes. That's the law.    

I have a physical disability, will that be a problem? Please notify your instructor if you have special needs. The range and classroom are wheelchair accessible. 

Can I use my .22 LR or is here a caliber limit for Basic Pistol? Any real firearm (handgun) can be used. 

What other classes do you offer? Yes we also offer advanced handgun training, carbine, shotgun,  trauma care and Instructor training  

How do I join the NRA? See us during class

I'm coming from out of town, are there hotels near by? Yes approx. 18 miles (Middletown OH)

Where do I go to shoot after class to practice? We suggest you use

Where can I find more information on the things we discuss in the class? We give out a lot of hand outs for your further study after class, and check our links page