You Could be Betting Your Life on Your Training!

  • I would like to thank you again for the thorough and extensive training yesterday we made it back to Cleveland safe and sound with more knowledge than when we began with. It’s a pleasure working with people who truly are trying to help with firearms and self defense training and love what they do. I look forward to doing more training with you. You are more thorough than other Trainers I have encountered so I would like to commend you for a superior product, TR Cleveland
    I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your class yesterday. It was outstanding. I learned a great deal from it and am anxious to learn more.
    Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give you is that I spent 12 hours with you and didn’t have even one minute of boredom. The time flew by for me very quickly.
    Thank you. LB Cincinnati
    I have taken two Ohio CCW courses I’d like to give you a comparison of the two. I had taken my Ohio CCW Course from ****** *****, the guy is NRA & OPOTA,
    and I had a very negative experience.The class was taught by an LEO who seemed to be more interested in keeping us there for the required time rather than imparting knowledge.
    This class's content was strictly limited to the Attorney General's pamphlet, and almost no discussion about mindset was offered. Furthermore, the time taken to process paperwork for both the OH and FL non-resident CCW was well beyond what should have been necessary, even for a class that size.
    John Farquhar’s class was perfect in size to allow interaction and discussion, while the other course was so big (115 people!) that there was NO opportunity to discuss issues, interact about situations or add to the
    class. The ****** ***** class seemed more focused on processing paperwork and collecting money than John was. He is obviously deeply committed to training
    people properly so that when we are carrying, we are prepared to carry with the instruction, mindset and hands-on experience to have a good foundation for a lifetime of training and concealed carry
    To be frank, I am more concerned that there are now 115 more people licensed to carry that probably have little or no qualification other than sitting in a crowded room for 12 hours on a Saturday.
    One person on the range at this other course had a jammed pistol, and this person turned around and started sweeping the rest of us with their weapon. For a course entitled "****** *****", I didn't feel safety was a priority at
    all. My overall feel for the difference between the 2 courses can best be summed up as: The other course is run by a person who seemed to be focused on cashing in
    quickly on the political situation, while it's obvious that John is more concerned with actually teaching students what it means to responsibly carry a weapon, from both a skills and a mental perspective.
    John's customer service was outstanding: student-focused and interested in us and the reasons we were taking the course, while the other course felt like we were an interruption to the instructors' day, like the students were an inconvenience.
    Every time I've discussed CCW Class with someone, I've always, 100% without fail highly recommended John Farquhar & Mad Duck Training. I don't know that I've sent him any business, but I will continue to be thankful for what he taught us.
    Lastly, this past weekend, I found myself going to a situation that could potentially have turned ugly.
    If I had only been through the ****** ***** course, and not John's Mad Duck course, I would NOT have been prepared. Obviously everything was fine, but I felt confident that, should the situation turned nasty, I had a better-than-average chance to go home to my family that night.
    My lady and I are planning to attend the personal protection in/outside the home, probably in the spring. But that training will be with John. To have taken one class that was so negative, & then turn around & take John’s course was like two different worlds
    PN Hamilton
    Keep up the fire, my brother warrior-trainer!
    LT Col (ret) Dave Grossman

I was in the Saturday CCL class on 2/9/13 with the two couples that
worked at Mason and the other gentleman. Using the mental visualization of the puppy dog and the Shepard and
being able to continually weave them throughout the training was an
effective tool in explaining and getting your points across. The
triangles are concrete images easy to remember as well.
Several of the things that you discussed confirmed that my
instincts in visualizing scenarios previous to the class have been
correct. I gleaned some things that I will take into consideration in
future imaginings. Simple commands instead of full sentences- this
could be compared to dog training in that you give the dog one word
and expect the compliance. (I do have to admit here, sometimes my dog
waits to comply. I need to work on him following directions in my
time, not his)
I appreciate that most of the times you stated your views, then
went on to explain and explain why. On the few times I asked for
clarification, or the reasoning, the question was immediately,
respectfully, and fully resolved.
A friend of ours said there was over 30 people in his class. I am
incredibly grateful for the class size and individualized attention
you were able to provide. I believe that I received more information,
care, insights and quality due to your style of running the class.
Thank you for what I feel was a valuable use of my time,
J.D. Mason Ohio

I just wanted to take a quick minute and thank you again for the knowledge you shared and quality time that you spent with me over the last three days. The concern that you have for helping your students be the best they can be is something that many educators sadly fail to have. Yeah, I know my shooting was off yesterday but I will correct that rest assured! More importantly, what I learned this weekend left a lasting impression. I hope someday I can make a difference with my students as you have with yours.
If you ever need a hand with classes or help with any kind of facilities maintenance do not hesitate to give me a call my friend! SG Cincinnati Ohio
I just wanted to “thank you” again for a very awesome class. As I sit here this morning, I’m running everything back through my mind….realizing all of the “little things” that you don’t recognize DURING class, but comes to you AFTER class, when processing all of the information. It was a great pleasure for me, to finally meet the “Mad Duck” crew! I sincerely appreciate the caliber of class that you guys teach and I’ll be back for more. RS Cincinnati OH
Your easy-going personality and Miss Debby's making sure we were fed and watered with homemade goods made for a very comfortable and pleasurable experience. I appreciate your skill as a trainer--many real-life stories and statistics and not a dull moment. Your commitment and dedication to doing it the right way really comes through in your thoroughness and methods. But your concern for the safety and well-being of all your students is impressive. Your valuable training may have just saved the lives of me and my loved ones!
JP Mason OH

I thought the time I spent there on friday was very informative and critical. Thanks for your time and your passion to train the sheepdogs. I will be back in the spring for more pistol training. I will also refer all the sheepdogs I know to MD Training. M.A. Cincinnati OH

I feel like I got 150% or more of what I could have expected. E.S. Canton OH

Blogger comments on course:

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for an EXCELLENT instructor's course. I really got a LOT more out of this weekend's classes and activities than I expected, and was very pleased with the presentation and content of the courses. You're all doing a GREAT job! Keep up the good work! S.P. West Chester, OH

Hi John,
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your professional training skills and techniques. You hold the interest of the student and keep the subjects to the point and informative. You made me feel comfortable and involved with your of classes. Your instruction style is definitely NOT boring. I especially liked your real life case reports and statistics on firearms, events and people.
EC, Jeffersonville KY

I really appreciated taking a course from a training counselor who takes the job seriously. PA Columbus

I just wanted to say thank you for the very professional and outstanding training provided. MG Cincinnati

Thank you for the great training yesterday. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it.
You have a fantastic way of delivering the material. If you think back, your favorite
and best teachers were probably entertaining as you are. Please relay my sentiments to
Jim as well.
PC-Middletown OH

From a fellow Instructor: Just a short note to say “Thank You” for letting me sit in on your CCW training class. It was great!

The information & material presented was great. Your manner of instruction was superb.

Your knack for knowing both old & new data & incidents and then incorporating them into different parts of the class adds much interesting and useful information.

You and Jim worked great as a team, and, kept everyone’s attention throughout the day. What a great job. RB Oxford OH



I wanted to take a moment and thank you for a great weekend of training last week. As someone who trains people on a daily basis I look at everyone's teaching style and it is rare to find instructors who really care about, not only what they are teaching but the ones they are teaching it to. You are one one of those instructors. Your attention to detail and desire to make sure your students are learning the material shows in your teaching style.

I still have several qualifications from the NRA I want to get and I know without a doubt I will be returning to you for those classes. Thank you for putting so much time into the program not only the class material but the little things you do to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves while they are there.

To sum it up you run a great program and I look forward to returning for other classes.


Tom Everett
Modern Defense Tactics
Koryukan USA Martial Arts Training Center